Brush versus dry clean

Pockets, lapels, underarms and collars should be brushed frequently to remove dirt and particles that cause odor.

Dry clean only when necessary

Once or twice a year. Modern dry cleaners use harsh chemicals, therefore excess dry cleaning weakens fibers and may cause discolouration.

Rotate and Protect

Avoid wearing the same wool garment two days in a row. Instead rotate your outfits to allow the shape of the garment to recover.  Three days between wear is enough, however 5 days' rest gives your suit 100% recovery.

Creased garments

Recover well in a humid environment.  Hang in damp room like bathroom or vaporize lightly with water.

Hang and breathe

Immediately hanging your suit after wearing aerates the fabric, which prevent the build-up of odours. Hang your jacket on appropriate hanger that supports shoulders (not wire drycleaner hanger)  and always hang trousers vertically.
When not in use, hang your suit in a cotton bag rather than plastic. This not only protects it from moths, but will encourage airflow.


Stains should be blotted immediately and not rubbed.  Dried food stains are easily flaked off.

Sit down

Unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down to avoid pulling